Silverfish: How to Identify an Infestation

One of the most important factors in the fight against pests is time. The earlier you notice an infestation, the better. At Action Pest Exterminating Co, we know that different pests will leave different evidence behind. Even if you don’t have the experience of our home pest control experts, you can still train yourself to be on the lookout for common signs of an infestation. Let’s take a closer look at silverfish, a common household pest, and what hints this insect will leave in an infestation.


Yellow Stains

When silverfish molt, they can leave behind a yellowish dust. You might spot the dust or the stains that it can cause on various surfaces. Other areas that make good hiding spots for silverfish, like books, papers, and cardboard boxes, could also have yellow stains on them, so be on the lookout for those.


Shed Skin

Molting won’t just leave behind yellow stains. It also leaves behind the skin itself. The skin of a silverfish is obviously small and can be quite delicate, but finding it and properly identifying it can help you quickly determine that silverfish are the issue.



Silverfish also leave behind small, black droppings that might blend in with other dust and debris. Before sweeping up, take a closer look and make sure that these droppings aren’t among the refuse. These droppings can commonly be found in kitchens, garages, basements, or storage areas, anywhere the silverfish usually like to call home.



Like other pests, silverfish can cause some annoying damage that costs money to fix. The good news is that these obvious signs of damage can at least make it easier to narrow down a culprit. Silverfish will choose through books, wallpaper, linens, and various types of adhesives. If you notice damage to these types of items in your home, it’s time to call in our Charlotte exterminators. They like sugar, coffee, and some other types of food as well, so don’t forget to look for signs of them in your kitchen too.


You See Living Silverfish

This one seems obvious, but we know that not everyone is an insect expert so it can actually be difficult to identify exactly which type of pest you’re dealing with by sight alone. Silverfish are small, around an inch long, and can be shaped kind of like a teardrop. They’re called silverfish, but they can be a shade of brownish-gray as well. They can also have bristle-like tails that make it easier to identify them.

When they move they actually look a little like a fish since they wiggle back and forth and look a bit like they’re swimming! Also, keep in mind that they’re mostly nocturnal, so if you suspect an infestation you should start being on the lookout when the sun goes down.


Your Pest Removal Team serving Charlotte, NC

So if you’ve seen these common signs of silverfish infestation, don’t delay. Contact Action Pest Exterminating Co and get our pest removal team in your corner as quickly as possible. We’ll efficiently take care of your silverfish problem and you’ll be living in a pest-free home in no time.